We are a very small young company, born in 2010, who created a product to be fun and exciting and above all, a product that makes people happy. We created a product that WE would like to use and in doing so, have not compromised on anything along the way, aside from perhaps our own sanity.

We wanted to ‘blow up’ the barriers and limitations that normal sledges have turned into the norm. We decided it was time to mix things up!


When the snow hit bad in 2010, we didn't have, nor could we buy any sort of sledge to go have fun with. They were all sold out in our area, and if you remember the snow we had back then, it would have been the Mount Everest of shames if we didn't get out on the slopes.

So, we made our own. Out of laminate flooring. It had 2 foot grips and a front rope and it formed the basis of what we have today. Our shabby efforts proved to really popular on the local slopes as everyone saw us standing up on our board and whooshing down the slopes. They were queuing up to use our wooden, then nameless product. 


Taking on something major without knowing a single thing about it, is, shall we say, daunting. It took us nearly 2 years of research before we found ourselves in a position to even be able to attempt entering a seemingly complex seasonal market.

In 2012, we were able to commission the build of our tool - Or Axiski life force as we like to call it! We could now go into production.

We launched in 2013, at the Glee Exhibition in Birmingham, UK. It was great. The response we got was so amazing and more than we could have hoped for which spurred us on even more and gave us so much confidence that we were on the right track.  


Team Axiski is a family business. The main man Darren started it all, with the help of his wife Ruth, and 2 daughters Hannah and Katie. Darren recruited his friend Sean to handle all things design and marketing related with support from his wife Jenny. We enlisted the help of Ruth’s brother Richard, who long with his better half Carol, help with the overall running of things.

Darren, Sean and Richard are Axiski's 3 Directors.